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The bigger publishing houses pay to put their books under your nose, which is why the book-buying public – avid readers like you – see the same titles in magazines, reviews, best-seller lists and high street book stores.

That’s fine for most. But some readers want to discover the next big thing, the new talent, before everyone else. And they’re more likely to be with small, independent publishing houses like ours when starting out on their writing career.

Think of us as the Soundcloud of books; call back often to discover the fruits from our new signings. Enjoy the brand-new stories, tales and imagination of the upcoming writing talent amongst us.

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What People Are Saying

‘Unravelled’ features a very believable protagonist and some laugh-out-loud realistic experiences. I loved the ‘bitches’ and could really picture them in all their designs; I imagine my own mom and her friends being just like them! As soon as I finished reading this my daughter read it too, and we both agreed: it’s an excellent read! Can’t wait for the next one!


My wife and I both enjoyed ‘From Highlights to Lowlifes’. An open, honest account of prison life, you really get a feel for Tilly’s state of mind, and know that her actions – though admittedly, morally and legally wrong – were influenced by the love for her family and her instinct to protect them. The situation that she found herself in was not of her doing, yet she had to pay the price. It just shows how quickly life can change. A very thought-provoking read.


My gran bought me ‘Son of the Ringmaster’ and I’m so glad she did. This is a brilliant book that I couldn’t put down! The plot was exciting and the characters were described well; I think girls will love this as well as boys. I thought it compared well to successful books like Harry Potter, and I look forward to other books by this author. You must buy this book if you want an original, great read.



How one decision can lead to the unthinkable…

From Highlights To Lowlifes - How One Decision Can Lead To The Unthinkable. By Emma Gullon True crime stories are dominating popular culture these days. Whilst they are entertaining, it’s important to remember these are real life accounts, and acknowledge the bravery...

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‘A Little Pick Me Up’: does the book offer what it says…?

Review by Emma Gullon At a time when women's issues are finally being widely discussed, it’s important to find something that encourages and empowers us through life’s adversities. Katie Portman, award winning writer of the Pouting In Heels blog series, captures this...

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TWH’s new signing!

The Writing Hall (the publishing company behind Hall Good Books) has signed a new author to the family. Sophie Mei Hale's book on the subject of bulimia will be released in 2018. Outspoken and passionate about a number of issues - such as breastfeeding, co-sleeping...

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Win! Win! Win!

COMPETITION! To mark the imminent release of TWH Publishing's newest title, which will soon grace the pages of Hall Good Books, we're running a competition for a signed copy of 'Unravelled', by Briony Marshall, and a £25 Amazon gift voucher - so you can stock up on...

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Rhinoceros’ thickness is just about right…

Read author Linda Jones’s interview, which features how she felt when her debut novel was placed in her hands, and her advice for aspiring writers… Q: After writing for many years, culminating in your debut novel, how did it feel when the first copy was put in your...

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Are books redundant?

By Diane Hall A strong claim. I’d better explain further: I don’t mean that books, as a tangible item, are redundant, but the way in which we’re accustomed to using them. A decade or so ago, books were the founts of all knowledge, and one of only a few ways to attain...

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