There’s been lots going off in the background at The Writing Hall / Hall Good Books. Plenty of progression from authors yet to release their books (like the story of control and addiction in successful people, from Sophie Mei Lan, due early next year; to next-book-in-the-series from ‘Unravelled’ author Briony Marshall).

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Girl power

‘A Little Pick Me Up’ author Katie Portman is working on a journal to accompany her debut released a few months ago, such has been the feedback from readers. The amount of women her tale has inspired has been extraordinary; giving them the opportunity to practise daily gratitude and to recognise what they’ve done well, is paramount, as women tend to focus on what can’t do, or didn’t do…or what they think they should do.

As a relatively new publishing imprint, we’ve spent some time thinking about our niche. We knew we wanted to work with first-time authors on their debuts (and beyond, hopefully), and we have unconsciously found our first batch of authors to be women – and, excluding Wolverhampton-based Briony, the authors all signed to HGB are from Yorkshire.

This wasn’t deliberate, but it does make life easier, being a Yorkshire-based publisher. Therefore – and again, excluding the lovely Briony, who we hope will remain with HGB for her future releases – we’ve decided these elements will be fundamental aspects of any future signings.

We could chase authors from anywhere; however, we believe in quality over quantity. Every book we release bears a part of our soul, too. We can say, hand on hearts, that what you’ll find on here are (H)all good books.

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