You may have seen/taken part in our recent competition for a signed copy of ‘Unravelled’, by Briony Marshall, and a £25 gift voucher. Well, the winner has now been drawn…and it’s Jodie Carpenter, from Birmingham. Congratulations!

Jodie and her fellow entrants’ task, in order to win the prize, was the sticking of an Unravelled sticker in an eye-catching or unusual place. Here’s Jodie’s sticker picture – do you think she likes Harry Potter by any chance?!

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We saw some fantastic entries, which involved Yoda, lots of people’s foreheads(!), horses and lampshades. One sticker even found its way to Fuerteventura! Even our mascot, Scamp, joined in, or rather his humans did – posting lots of photos of him plastered in Unravelled stickers. (Well, he’s got to pull his weight somehow… we can’t do all the work.)

In the end, though, and given that we love books as much as we do, Jodie’s Potter tribute was the clear favourite – and she even included a knitted scarf, just like the one Adrian wears in Unravelled, which just gave her the edge that’s seen her scoop the prize.

Well done, Jodie – your signed copy of Unravelled and your voucher will be with you very soon! Thank you to everyone who took part.

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