Avid reader Emma Gullon was so heartened by the warm, romantic, humorous story that is ‘Unravelled’ she wrote us a review.

“It’s rare that the world of knitting and romantic comedies coincide. New author Briony Marshall, however, has brought these two worlds together in a hilarious and heart-warming way with her debut novel Unravelled.

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Unravelled, by Briony Marshall

Newly single Claire has hit a bit of a flunk. Her confidence has hit an all time low, and what’s worse she’s completely forgotten how to do basic knitting. Things begin to look up when she meets the dashing Adrian, owner of ‘Oddballs’, the local knitting and craft shop. He brings back her passion for the hobby; she, in turn, helps him get back on the dating scene when they both set up dating profiles. But does Claire need to look that hard for love when it may be right in front of her?

From the very beginning, you immediately get sucked in to Claire’s world. You feel her pain, awkwardness and her changing persona throughout the course of the novel. She’s a relatable character and you want to see her solve her problems. Adrian is delightfully awkward, too. He’s the type you wanted to be friends with in school. He’s cocky, but also shy. He’s charming, but unsure of himself. You feel for him, and want him and Claire to get together from the beginning.

Adrian’s elderly knitting club, The Stitch ‘n’ Bitch, is absolutely priceless. The ladies are the rebellious grandmothers we wish we had. At the same time, you get a brimming feeling of nostalgia…of sitting in your nan’s living room playing with toys while she knits.   

The pacing of Unravelled is fast and each chapter ends on a mini-cliffhanger, making it hard to put down. You go through a range of emotions during Claire’s journey, everything from your blood boiling over due to her jerk of an ex, to feeling sad when one crisis after another seems to hit her whenever she starts to feel better. Throughout the whole book, you want the main characters to finally get the ending they deserve.

Unravelled is a touching, funny and moving story that’s perfect for any fan of ‘rom-coms’, and/or arts and crafts. It’ll have you laughing, crying, shouting at the book, and feeling relaxed all at the same time.”

For your copy of this wonderful debut, click here. With each copy comes a FREE knitting pattern for the scarf Adrian constantly wears throughout this whimsical tale.

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