A Little Pick Me Up


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A truly inspirational book that will help you realise your worth and rediscover your voice. Award-winning blogger Katie Portman shares her story, and also the tools and tricks she uses to overcome the dark emotions women tend to feel. Jealousy, regret, guilt, powerlessness – and more – Katie shows you how to cut through the negativity and hurtful self-talk us women often apply to ourselves.

Turn you ‘woe is me’ into ‘wow is me’!


By Katie Portman  

Since the beginning of time, women have been made to feel bad about themselves. From our dress sizes to our careers, from our parenting skills to simply having an opinion, modern women come under immense, relentless pressure to look and behave in certain ways.

The stories we tell ourselves can lead to some dark emotions. They can even result in us hating ourselves – and other women.

It doesn’t have to be this way, though. We just need to realise our power, our value and our worth.

This book, if you allow it to, could change your life…

In a deeply personal book, award-winning blogger Katie Portman talks candidly about her own challenges as a woman and shares the tools she uses to overcome them. She invites fellow females to open their eyes to the beauty, power and potential that exists within them.

How would your life change if you truly believed ‘I AM GOOD ENOUGH’?


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