From Highlights to Lowlifes

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By Alyson Chattoe and Jilly Clark

Tilly McVeigh was Mrs. Average. A law-abiding, happily-married mother-of-three who’d never even had a parking ticket. But life can turn in a heartbeat.

Tilly made one poor choice, in a bid to keep her house and family, then Holloway became home…


By Alyson Chattoe and Jilly Clark

“Please turn off the engine and get out of the car, madam.”

I was told to sit on a nearby wall whilst the officers took my car apart so efficiently, they could have been playing with Meccano.

I wrapped my arms around myself tightly, in a subconscious effort to hide the packages strapped to my stomach. Then all hell broke loose…

What had seemed the answer to Tilly’s problems had now turned into her worst nightmare. A happily married mother-of-three, Tilly was not the stereotypical criminal – in fact, she’d barely warrant a second glance if passed in the street.

“No one will stop you, Tilly. You’re Mrs. Average. Why would any­one suspect you?”

She’d only wanted to protect her family. If your whole life was under threat, would you make the same decision?

Based on actual events and real-life diary entries, Tilly’s story shows how quickly life can turn…

A gritty, gripping, true-crime read. 

2 reviews for From Highlights to Lowlifes

  1. Ruth Pratt

    Once I started to read this book I could not put it down, and I didn’t until I finished it . I thought this book was well written and gave a good account of true life events. . I really enjoy reading true stories as they record true life events

  2. Rosanna ward

    Reading this true story felt at times as if I could see inside the walls of a prison, could almost feel the emotional journey, didn’t want it to finish and when it did left me wondering.

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