Son Of The Ringmaster


By D. E. Hall

How many intergalactic circuses does your child read about? None? Then they need ‘Son of the Ringmaster’ in their life! They’ll read about the bearded lady and her colourful poodles, the elastic man, and the shape-shifter – just a few of the characters that will take them on a literary adventure.

Perfect for young readers, and with a hint of Enid Blyton, boys and girls will fall in love with this charming tale.



by D. E. Hall

Until Sam Travis stepped out of a portaloo on his thirteenth birthday, he’d had no idea why he’d always felt an affinity with Clamcorn’s world-famous circus. He was the last to know that his destiny was to become part of this galaxy-hopping, magical community.

Having been adopted from birth, Sam had never met his real family. But when introduced to his new relatives, and after learning of the legend surrounding his bloodline, it definitely wasn’t the reunion he’d imagined – especially as his uncle, ‘Escarlo’, wanted him dead.

Sam joined the circus’ search for the powerful Ruby of Rozara, and found much more than he bargained for on the quest.

The first book in the Ringmaster Series delivers an exciting, fun-filled tale to both boys and girls between the ages of 8 and 11.


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