The Unravelled Buddle Bundle

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Fall in love with ‘Unravelled’ on a deeper level; interact with the tale – knit an actual item from the story with our unique Unravelled knitting pattern; let your Unravelled Buddle give your book a cuddle (‘book’, ‘cuddle’ – ‘Buddle’. Get it?!).

This bundle would make a fantastic gift for someone, or simply a treat for yourself.


Knitting devotees, romcom lovers, craft enthusiasts, and avid readers who like a good debut book from new talent: Unravelled by Briony Marshall has already received some fantastic feedback following its recent release.

We’re delighted to present Unravelled’s very own branded ‘BUDDLE’.

A Buddle is a handmade padded book cover, that will protect your favourite reads from food crumbs, curling and other damage when they’re in the depths of your handbag. The Unravelled Buddle bears the romcom’s trademark red heart, and has been specially created to accompany the book.

You’ll also get the FREE knitting pattern that comes with every copy of Unravelled sold.

A lot of hours have gone into creating Unravelled, as well as its handmade Buddle; therefore, the price of the bundle is £19.99. We think it makes a wonderful gift for someone, or simply a treat for you.

1 review for The Unravelled Buddle Bundle

  1. Paulina

    The book is so amazing! Finished it overnight. Such a cute story with a twist. Loving it!

    • admin

      Hi Paulina! So pleased you liked it – thank you ever so much for your feedback.

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