The Writing Hall (the publishing company behind Hall Good Books) has signed a new author to the family. Sophie Mei Hale’s book on the subject of bulimia will be released in 2018.

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Outspoken and passionate about a number of issues – such as breastfeeding, co-sleeping and mental health – Sophie has appeared on programmes such as This Morning and BBC Breakfast. She’s also featured in national advertising campaigns, and in various national papers, magazines and publications. On top of all that, Sophie was a semi-finalist on Britain’s Got Talent, where she wowed viewers with her belly-dancing.

Sophie, from Wakefield, West Yorkshire, is a woman with many interests and talents. Drawing on her own experience of the disease, we know that her book will be searingly honest, and a help to anyone suffering from bulimia, as well as those around them.

Sophie’s strength and courage to talk about her worst moments has already brought her an army of supporters. We’re excited to be working with her, and helping her reach an even bigger audience.


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